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RSK dropping a Gucci Gucci remix.

Same song, doper lyrics.

He recorded this over in Dubai with DJ Bliss & Prince Q over at Bliss Inc HQ with his brother Rafael Khanoyan and homie Calvin/Chance. Toaster Images might have even documented some of that…

Check out the song, spread it to your friends! Free download, and it’s raw. unmixed/unmastered.

RSK has recently moved from Beirut to Los Angeles to pursue his musical talents.

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A song I did a while back, back at the Pop studio in Dubai (Flicker Show).

I gotta say, D.D. Foxx is the sickest Pop-singer in the Middle East. Originally Lebanese, we linked up when she was doing her album in Dubai. We did a couple tracks together, some for my EP:Random Sh*t& some for her albumHAD TO BE ME, which is out now in Virgin Megastores across the Middle East.


DD Foxx (www.ddfoxx.com)
Calvin/Chance (www.calvinchance.tumblr.com)

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F*ck the Free World, that’s how I see it/Cuz if you always fightin’ to be free than that ain’t really freedom By Reply back with beautiful photos of you showing your agreement to the above statement.

Artistic Revolution.

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MORE raplyrics?

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You gotta love it to be free/This is so much more than you, this is so much more than me/This is us, this is we, we’re a thing, we can move, dance and sing/spread a positive message through moral ethics and still rock bling-bling/Re-loooove-alutionary/Air is dirty, Pollution’s near me/Imma just keep holding my breathe till I can see clearly and know who’s gunnin’ for me By freestyled today. (via calvinchance)

Rap Lyrics?

If u don’t believe in my dream get the f*ck outta my face/this sh*t doesn’t happen overnight - we runnin’; steady pace/5 albums deep u’ll prolly hop on the bandwagon/talkin’ bout how u loved us from the beginning & how U said we always been swaggin’/F*ck that - this one here’s for the paper, champagne, new nikes and new Vans/F*ck that, this one here’s for the real homies, my company & tha fans By @CalvinChance

The Rolling Stone Middle East #StreetToStage Competition is finally open!