We are an international artistic collective, comprised of dope freelance artists located all over the world. This page is dedicated to them, & whatever else looks f*ckin' radical. All Art is 100% original and the works of the mentioned artist(s). Contact us to submit, purchase or collaborate. NOW, DANCE!
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/


We have so many projects coming up. 

I’m too excited to share the details and wanted you guys to know what’s up, the reason’s we’ve been so busy, attending meetings daily and all of a sudden started Gucci belts. The blog hasn’t been updated as frequently, and we greatly apologize. Don’t worry. We’re getting ready for the releases and creations of our best content yet. 

In the works:

F1 - Mixtape

F1 - LP


RSK - mini-mixtape *POTENTIALLY

CALVIN/MaliQ/ViZier - Collaboration Mixtape



Getting our Painters/Designers/Artists/Photographers/Models in Galleries *POTENTIALLY

MeloTrip -  EP

Goodingfluence - EP

Vizier - Instrumental LP 

Vizier - House EP


Toaster Images Video Releases 

Music Videos



Accounts to follow: @CalvinChance @OverseeRsINTL @JassHelmi @OverseerVizier @OverseerMaliQ @RSK23 @rammykhanoyan @DanDoorbar 

Yeah… I’ll be releasing my first OverseeRs instrumental tape soon. You’ll hear my music comin’ up, we’ve been working with some new local talent and MaliQ and Calvin. Remixin’ some of the dubstep stuff, playing around. R$K is coming back tomorrow too, so maybe he and F1 will pop by. But, yeah, we’re working. By Vizier. (Newly signed Hip-Hop/Dubstep/House/Pop/Rap producer). Originally from Pakistan, Vizier is raised in Dubai and currently murdering beats and remixes. You can check him out at http://soundcloud.com/vizier — a page that will now be a lot more busy because of OverseeRs involvement. You’ll also be able to hear him over at www.soundcloud.com/theOverseeRs soon enough. Stay tuned. 

IFFA Awards 2012.

We have our member Shiv Pushkar (one of our Social Media guys/script-writers/actors/models) attending the IFFA Awards with some very special V.I.P. guests including Shashi Tharoor (his step-father), Mrs. Pushkar-Tharoor, Sharukh Khan and many, many more household Bollywood names. 

…Hopefully he lands some on Twitter (especially the models) to repost us and become a part of the movement. If not, whatever. At least he got to go the Award show Cuba Gooding, Jr. got embarrassingly drunk at last year. HA!

PS: MaliQ is making a guest visit. Maybe Shiv can sneak him to the award show.  

Interviews filmed by our own Toaster of Calvin/Chance, F1 & MaliQ

The Interviews were narrated/written by Calvin/Chance & Mike Needs. 

Check them out.

Proper business videos explaining our Group are now available, and comedic interviews are being released for the fans and press kits.

Stay posted.

*Pictures taken by Toaster from his Instagram account, @ToasterImages 

Shiv&Calvin&Maliq swervin’. 

Calvin&Maliq just got a new set-up. A mixtape between them will officially start being recorded  within the week. Stay tuned for that.

&& if you don’t know who Shiv is. Google some Indian politicians and find out. (Wait, what?)

—Pictures taken @YasminHammadd