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Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/

IFFA Awards 2012.

We have our member Shiv Pushkar (one of our Social Media guys/script-writers/actors/models) attending the IFFA Awards with some very special V.I.P. guests including Shashi Tharoor (his step-father), Mrs. Pushkar-Tharoor, Sharukh Khan and many, many more household Bollywood names. 

…Hopefully he lands some on Twitter (especially the models) to repost us and become a part of the movement. If not, whatever. At least he got to go the Award show Cuba Gooding, Jr. got embarrassingly drunk at last year. HA!

PS: MaliQ is making a guest visit. Maybe Shiv can sneak him to the award show.  

Shiv&Calvin&Maliq swervin’. 

Calvin&Maliq just got a new set-up. A mixtape between them will officially start being recorded  within the week. Stay tuned for that.

&& if you don’t know who Shiv is. Google some Indian politicians and find out. (Wait, what?)

—Pictures taken @YasminHammadd